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KM World 2017

KM World 2017

KMWorld 2017 took place 6-9 November in Washington D.C. Below are shortcut links to download our presentation slide decks from the Info Today website:

Text Analytics for Non-Experts
Dave Clarke

Linked Data In Action: Using Linked Data to improve your information
Jim Sweeney

The Saviour Machine: Text Analytics, Machine Learning, and the Role of Taxonomy
Ahren Lehnert

Online Searcher

Taming Taxonomy Terrors

Below is a link to the feature article of the November/December 2017 edition of Online Searcher Magazine. The article was written by Ahren Lehnert, who is currently serving as Chair of the Taxonomy Division for the Special Libraries Association (SLA). It provides insights on getting started with a taxonomy project:

Taming Taxonomy Terrors Article by Ahren E. Lehnert

Graphite from Synaptica®

Introducing Graphite from Synaptica®, a comprehensive ontology and taxonomy management solution based on graph database technology. Graphite from Synaptica® will coexist in parallel with our flagship taxonomy management software application Synaptica KMS, which is based on relational database technology.

  • Offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editorial user interface
  • Supports simple SKOS taxonomies and configurable custom KOS
  • Supports OWL-based class-subclass ontologies and predicates
  • Supports multilingual terminologies and a localizable UI help system
  • Like Synaptica KMS, it supports import and export in a variety of data formats
  • Have role-based permissions and project-oriented workspaces
  • Uses a native RDF triple store and supports
  • Is powered by a scalable graph database combined with fast search indexes

Please contact the team to schedule your demonstration.


We are pleased to announce the availability of our latest Synaptica KMS release, version 8.0. This release has been available since August 2017. If you are a current customer, please contact us at to confirm when you would like to receive download instructions for this new version. Upgrade support is available as part of your Annual Maintenance program.

In the meantime, please find the full version announcement document attached to this note which outlines many of the key features of this new release.