Partner Services

Synaptica Partnership Program

Synaptica has partnered with a number of companies around the world who provide complementary products and services such as: taxonomy design and consulting; systems integration; SharePoint; semantic search; and content categorization. Some of these partners are also Authorised Synaptica Resellers and have been trained to install, integrate and support Synaptica software.

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Stronium designs and develops software applications around graph structures, as well as offers managed hosting and cloud computing solutions to support deployments of general graph databases and specialised Linked Data applications. Their customers are from different industries and different parts of the world, who share a common interest of making large and complex data more interconnected, interactive and engaging. Stronium, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a Gold Partner and authorized Synaptica reseller providing comprehensive installation, training, technical and customer support services for Synaptica software in Asia.

Stronium undertakes joint product research and development with Synaptica in areas of Linked Data and graph databases, and is an Authorised Synaptica Reseller.


Straits Knowledge Digital (SKD) is the digital arm of Straits Knowledge, which is a leading global provider of knowledge management (KM) consulting services. They support their clients with specialised digital tools and applications that are either developed by themselves or by their partners who are chosen for their best-in-class software applications. Their aim is to provide their clients with a coordinated suite of tools, and to make the difficult work of knowledge management simpler and more effective. Their first product is Aithin™, a unique knowledge mapping and knowledge audit analytics application, intended to support knowledge audits, KM assessments and KM planning initiatives.

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in Europe, SKD is an Authorised Synaptica Reseller.


Since 1983, WAND has developed multi-lingual taxonomies to improve the way our clients search and organize unstructured and semi-structured information. WAND is the premier source for pre-built taxonomies for every industry and business functional area. The breadth and coverage of WAND’s taxonomy library is unmatched, and, for years, WAND Taxonomies have been used by thousands of companies around the world to organize information.

Applications where the WAND Taxonomies are being deployed include enterprise content management, e-commerce, spend analysis, enterprise search, behavioral targeting, big data, text analytics, business intelligence, semantic technologies, local search, online yellow pages, and business directories.

WAND’s taxonomy professional services practice offers taxonomy development and customization, taxonomy mapping, and data classification services. Our professional services team makes sure that our clients are successful when deploying taxonomies.

WAND is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.



Milkk Consulting provides expertise in taxonomy design and utilisation, knowledge management, and process improvement. Milkk works to improve organisational processes and leverage the strengths of human and knowledge assets within an organisation. The Milkk team have a deep understanding of the taxonomy development process, and also expertise with Synaptica as an enterprise software application for creating and managing taxonomies and ontologies.

Headquartered in Singapore, Milkk is an Authorised Synaptica Reseller.


Zoomify is world leader in the provision of high definition digital imaging solutions for creative professionals, image-centric businesses, and digital device developers. Zoomify has revolutionized digital imaging in commerce, education, entertainment, science, and security. Zoomify is Synaptica’s principle technology partner for our deep image semantic indexing solutions, including the OASIS software application.