Event Digests & Presentations

KM World 2017

KM World 2017

KMWorld 2017 took place 6-9 November in Washington D.C. Below are shortcut links to download our presentation slide decks from the Info Today website:

Text Analytics for Non-Experts
Dave Clarke

Linked Data In Action: Using Linked Data to improve your information
Jim Sweeney

The Saviour Machine: Text Analytics, Machine Learning, and the Role of Taxonomy
Ahren Lehnert

Auto Categorization by Taxonomy: Pros, Cons & Pragmatics
Dave Clarke


Taxonomy Boot Camp London 2017 Below are shortcut links to download our presentation slide decks:

Jump-starting your Taxonomy Project
Dave Clarke

Applications for Semantics
Jim Sweeney

Making sense of unstructured and large data sets
Ahren E Lehnert

Event Digests for 2017 & 2016 include:

PNC Annual Conference and Joint Meetings
November 7-9, 2017 – Tainin, Taiwan. Linked Data and IIIF: Integrating Taxonomy Management with Image Annotation given by Gene Loh, Synaptica LLC. Vsit

Global Knowledge Management Congress
June 23 2016 Mumbai, India
Dave Clarke | Recipient of the Leadership in Knowledge Management Award
Presentations included Knowledge Organization and Discovery, by Yu Gene Loh

Innovations in Knowledge Organization
July 23 2016 Singapore
Presentation: Using a Taxonomy Management System to Achieve Distributed Governance in a Global Enterprise by Dave Clarke

Dublin Core 2016 Metadata Summit
October 13-16 Copenhagen, Denmark Presentation by Dave Clarke

Museum Conference Network
November 1–4 – New Orleans Sponsor, Exhibitor Presentation: Beyond Cataloguing Creating educational resources based on deep image semantic indexing by Dave Clarke (Synaptica), Marianne Weldon (Bryn Mawr College), Robb Detlefs (Gallery Systems)