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World-Class Services and Support

Synaptica takes pride in offering some of the most responsive customer support in the industry. With offices around the world, and partners serving every aspect of Knowledge Organization, Search, and Discovery, we are uniquely placed to assist with your business’ needs.

Synaptica Solutions is a network of world-class partners provide services to help determine your needs, construct taxonomies, ontologies and other controlled vocabularies, as well as offer cutting edge solutions in search technology.

Synaptica Integrated Solutions

Unparalleled customer support:

  • Dedicated account management
  • Direct access to development staff
  • Around the globe support with a dedicated email “hotline”
  • Continual review and consideration of enhancements generated through customer requirements

Our experience and ability to react quickly to evolving customer needs allow us to provide some of the best software support services available. We can ensure that problems, in the rare instance that they do arise, are addressed efficiently and they arise, and respond quickly to questions and critical issues to get you back on track.

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Synaptica LLC is in place around the world with
industry leaders across the business spectrum.

Partner Services

Synaptica’s partners are uniquely positioned to provide Knowledge Organization services from start to finish.