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Triples, Triads, and Semantics

By Ontology, Taxonomy
Things in Threes There is an expression that good things come in threes. There is also an expression that bad things come in threes. In Semantic Web standards, specifically RDF, the atomic data entity is a tripartite structure called a semantic...
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RDF-star Implementation in GraphDB and How Synaptica Used It Within Graphite for Access Control

By Products
Our partners Ontotext talked with Gene Loh, Director Software Development at Synaptica, and Vassil Momtchev, Ontotext CTO, about the RDF-star extension to the RDF graph data model, its value and...
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Graphite 4.0

By Graphite, Ontology, Taxonomy
Graphite KOS 4.0 Well, what a long, strange trip 2020 has been. We made it! Here we are! Synaptica continues to work diligently on updating and improving our ontology management software, Graphite, and we’ve made a lot of additions...
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