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Product Overview

Discovery for SharePoint

Synaptica and Search Explained have created a revolutionary approach to harnessing the power of feature-rich taxonomies and thesauri for content tagging and search within SharePoint.

Utilizing the out-of-the-box SharePoint Term Store presents significant limitations:

  • The inability to view term metadata, like definitions and scope notes, to determine context and ensure accuracy in document tagging and search
  • The loss of non-hierarchical term relationships, such as synonyms and “see-also” associative terms, that provide additional context and meaning
  • The inability to leverage taxonomies and thesauri with poly-hierarchical design (a term having multiple parents)
  • A lack of expanded search results to explore complementary (and, possibly “hidden”), relevant, alternative search pathways
  • The absence of expanded document results generated by simultaneous searches run using terms complementary to the user’s search

Synaptica and Search Explained have overcome some of the inherent deficiencies of SharePoint to deliver a richer search and browse experience that leverages the rich semantics of knowledge organization systems

Discovery for SharePoint is bundled with Synaptica TMS taxonomy management software.

This provides the same underlying tools and capabilities that drive our intuitive and powerful Synaptica KMS system.

Understand the significant benefits of using taxonomies and thesauri to enrich the search, browse, and content tagging experience within SharePoint.
SharePoint professional services to support integration, enhanced functionality, and interface customizations are available from our partners Search Explained.
Discover just how easy it is to manage taxonomies for use in SharePoint and how they may be used to enable other applications across your enterprise.
Learn more about available custom-built SharePoint functionality and UI enhancements.

Integrating KMS with SharePoint gives you more. A rich platform where you can manage all your content, have effective search, KMS provides the reach and smart taxonomy management.

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An in-depth, onsite workshop provided by Search Explained is an essential component to getting the most out of a Discovery for SharePoint implementation. Beyond training and getting a deeper understanding of your specific use cases and requirements, additional enhancements may be identified to further customize the SharePoint environment, such as:

  • The development of custom validation rules to enforce content tagging and management policies
  • Custom branding of the SharePoint interface to utilize established logos, designs, and styles
  • The development of custom search display templates to tailor how results are delivered and presented