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Confluence Connector

Connect with your content.

Product Overview

The Graphite Confluence Connector extends the native functionality of Confluence and allows for additional functions not available out-of-the-box. 

The Connector allows Confluence users to tag pages with existing concepts and to suggest new concepts that synchronize to concept schemes in Graphite.

The Connector includes a Graphite plugin giving content authors manual tagging capabilities including autocomplete search and browse functionality in existing taxonomies.

Users can also browse taxonomies and suggest concepts from the Confluence interface.

These concepts are then stored in the target scheme in Graphite in the Candidate status. These can then be reviewed by ontologists within Graphite.

Apply taxonomy concepts as metadata, organize and group pages by tags, and improve content retrieval.
View newly created Confluence pages, their tags, and suggest concepts in Graphite.
Filter Graphite concepts used for tagging in Confluence by scheme, collection, and status.
Copy and move pages and their tags within Confluence.

One or more Confluence Spaces can be configured at a time and allows for the selection and filtering by Graphite Schemes, Collections, and concept status.

Users can view tagged concepts on Confluence pages, including selected properties on hover and which pages are tagged with the same concepts. In addition, Confluence functionality is enhanced with the ability to copy tags and move and copy pages with already applied tags.

Watch our Confluence Connector Case Study

Case study presented at Semantics Conference 2020. Meeting Client Needs: Integrations, Workflows, and Knowledge Graphs.