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OASIS – Unlock your image content

By March 3, 2015October 31st, 2019Categorization

OASIS from Synaptica is an exciting new way to unleash the information previously locked inside image content. OASIS stands for Open Annotation Semantic Imaging System.

A vast amount of information resides inside photographs, paintings, diagrams and drawings which can be seen but not searched. It is waiting to be discovered, but has been inaccessible to traditional query methods.









OASIS stands for Open Annotation Semantic Imaging System, a software application that lets you dive deep inside any image to highlight and annotate points of interest at specific coordinates and levels of zoom.

OASIS is a Linked Data application that enables the visual features of an image to be expressed as Linked Data URIs, and to semantically index these features to internally- or externally-curated controlled vocabularies. OASIS builds up an interactive map of the visual features and the conceptual ideas contained in images.









With OASIS you will be able to pan-and-zoom effortlessly through high definition images and see points of interest highlight dynamically in response to your interaction. Points of interest will be presented along with contextual links to associated images, concepts, documents and external Linked Data resources. Faceted discovery tools allow users to search and browse annotations and concepts, and click through to view related images or specific features within an image. OASIS enhances the ability to communicate information with impactful visual + audio + textual complements.

OASIS from Synaptica will empower information providers with a powerful new interactive discovery tool, and has applications in many industry sectors: publishing and education; museums, libraries and archives; scientific and medical research; engineering and architecture; media and creative design; defense and intelligence; law enforcement, forensics; insurance; real-estate; satellite image analysis; geological surveying; and many more. The application is built using open industry standards and designed to maximize ease of integration with other content management tools and components.









For more information about OASIS and other Synaptica Taxonomy products please contact us today to arrange your demostration.