Synaptica Indexing Management System (IMS) is a complementary suite of tools designed to support the human indexing of content using taxonomies stored in Synaptica.

IMS can quickly be integrated with any web-based content authoring/management tool. It allows the content manager/indexer to search and browse the vocabularies in Synaptica and to build a ‘pick list’ of indexing terms or tags that are relevant to the piece of content or media asset.

When the indexer completes their selection of indexing terms, the IMS system can post the terms from Synaptica into the metaheaders of the piece of content in a Content Management System and/or simultaneously capture information about the piece of content and send it to Synaptica to build a ‘posting’ record in the vocabulary system. When IMS posts terms to the content system it can automatically expand the user-selected terms with related terms from the Synaptica vocabulary system.

Like Synaptica KMS, IMS has sophisticated multi-user configuration options allowing multiple IMS profiles for different user groups. Depending on which profile a user logs into, IMS can control which vocabularies they have access to, whether they can submit and use candidate terms, whether the system will perform related term expansion, etc. The profile manager also allows users full control to submit variable arrays of metadata about the piece of content and to map those metadata elements to selectable sub-elements (descriptor elements and extended attributes) in the Synaptica system.