Synaptica Integrated Solutions

Delivering added value to your organization involves many processes: consulting with stakeholders, analyzing data and metadata; building and maintaining knowledge organization systems and content management systems; indexing and classifying content; deploying search tools; and designing a user experience that promotes knowledge discovery.

Synaptica is your end-to-end solution partner. Our mission is to help you organize, categorize and discover the knowledge in your enterprise. Our solution team includes an international network of indepdent thought-leaders with expertise in: knowledge management, information architecture, UX, taxonomy, ontology, Linked Data, metadata, Text Analytics, categorization, natural language processing, chatbots, SharePoint and search.

Best-in-Class Tools

Carefully selected for: fitness-for-purpose; open standards and data-portability; performance; functionality; and interoperability. Our tools integrate with each other and your internal systems.

Modular Solutions

Select the individual software components and professional services needed to perform specific tasks, or address the big picture with an end to end solution.

World-Class Expertise

Our international solutions team includes thought leaders from multiple organizations and disciplines. With the benefit of different perspectives, we offer unique insights to solve the challenges facing your enterprise.

Scalable Services

Load-balance the allocation of internal versus external resources. Our team can help with short term strategic or tactical assistance, or support long term outsourced development and maintenance.

A Partnership of Trusted Names Working Together

Straits KnowledgeStraits Knowledge is a global consulting and research firm focused on knowledge, learning and innovation. Founded in 2002 Straits Knowledge brings over 50 years of professional experience in information and knowledge management, and strategic change initiatives.

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Organization Services: Synaptica’s partnership with Straits Knowledge and integration with Straits Knowledge Digital’s Aithin software gives our clients a full-suite solution grounded in decades of expertise and thought leadership in knowledge management and knowledge organization.

Patrick Lambe, Principal Consultant of Straits Knowledge, is author of the best-selling Organizing Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organizational Effectiveness (Chandos 2007), and co-author with Nick Milton of The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook (Kogan Page 2016). His next book with Chandos will be on Knowledge Audits and Knowledge Mapping. Straits Knowledge work swith clients in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Learn more:


Knowledge Audit and Mapping Tools: Taxonomies and metadata schemas should be designed to serve business and knowledge management goals. Synaptica is now integrated with Aithin Knowledge Mapping and Analytics software so that the evidence of knowledge-in-use collected in a systematic knowledge audit can be directly imported and refined for rapid taxonomy design. Synaptica works with Aithin to ensure that the taxonomy design flows from a robust knowledge audit methodology, is grounded in business and user needs, and is aligned with organizational and knowledge management strategies. Learn more:

Scope eKnowledge

Scope e-Knowledge is an award-winning provider of outsourced, cost effective Content Enhancement Services, Data Management Services, Business Research Services and Patent Analytics for information providers around the world.

Taxonomy Development and Maintenance as a Managed Service: Many enterprises rely on a variable mix of in-house and outsourced resources to manage the demand for taxonomy development and maintenance. Synaptica software is used by organizations around the world to manage complex and large-scale taxonomy projects. A substantial number of these organizations also outsource some portion of their taxonomy development and maintenance work to Scope. Recognizing this natural synergy, Synaptica and Scope e-Knowledge have created an integrated solution called Taxonomy as a Managed Service.

Managed Services for Content Enrichment: Content can be significantly enriched through indexing and classification using taxonomies and by the creation of abstracts. Scope has over a decade of experience in providing abstraction and indexing services for global clients. Scope has delivered over 6.5 million abstracts to date and is equipped to provide high-quality, cost-effective content enhancement solutions with its rich domain expertise in: engineering, chemistry, medicene, life and hard sciences, humanities, social sciences and legal services. Scope has extensive editorial capabilities for handling different styles of English and can handle publsiher-specific XML DTDs. Further Scope has proven its capability in the creation of English language abstracts from major European and Asian language documents. Learn more:

Ola Search

Ola Search is an AI-powered search and automated conversation (chatbot) platform. Synaptica’s partnership with Ola Search completes the end-to-end solution suite by leveraging how an enterprise’s knowledge organisation systems, taxonomies and ontologies are used to deliver natural language search and discovery experiences.

  • Natural language: The platform lets you easily keep up with the variations and changes, Ola allows users to interact in natural language.
  • Discovery: Ola offers simple conversational pathways to discover information. The platform allows you to integrate answers and search results.
  • Rich answers: Ola offer users more than plain text responses. You can design rich response types that include images, videos and charts.
  • Transactions: Ola guides users through a step=-by-step process or transaction and help them to get stuff done. The platform allows you to stitch navigation and computation together.
  • Text & Voice: Ola allow users to interact using text of voice input. You can save time by reusing the same core model and build out custom interactions from there.

Learn more:

Search Explained

Search Explained helps organizations of all sizes leverage modern information architecture & search strategies to harness the full value of their collective knowledge. Offering a full-spectrum of consulting engagements, training programs, and hands-on workshops, Search Explained assists organizations in architecting precisely the right technology and people empowerment programs they need to ensure everyone can swiftly and securely access the knowledge they need, for every task-at-hand and every business-critical decision. Search Explained and Synaptica recently collaborated on a SharePoint Connector tool which works with Synaptica KMS. Learn more: