Our Integrated Solutions

Delivering added value to your organization involves many processes: consulting with stakeholders, analyzing data and metadata; building and maintaining knowledge organization systems and content management systems; indexing and classifying content; deploying search tools; and designing a user experience that promotes knowledge discovery.

Synaptica is your end-to-end solution partner. Our solution team includes an international network of independent thought-leaders with expertise in: knowledge management, information architecture, UX, taxonomy, ontology, Linked Data, metadata, Text Analytics, categorization, natural language processing, chatbots, SharePoint and search.

Best-in-Class Tools

Carefully selected for: fitness-for-purpose; open standards and data-portability; performance; functionality; and interoperability. Our tools integrate with each other and your internal systems.

Modular Solutions

Select the individual software components and professional services needed to perform specific tasks, or address the big picture with an end to end solution.

World-Class Expertise

Our international solutions team includes thought leaders from multiple organizations and disciplines. With the benefit of different perspectives, we offer unique insights to solve the challenges facing your enterprise.

Scalable Services

Load-balance the allocation of internal versus external resources. Our team can help with short term strategic or tactical assistance, or support long term outsourced development and maintenance.

Our Partners


Ontotext helps enterprises to identify meaning across diverse datasets and massive amounts of unstructured information since 2000. Ontotext offers technology and services for the development of big knowledge graphs, interlinking multiple structured datasets. Analysis of such graphs provides semantic entity profiles that enable more accurate text analysis, which in turn delivers metadata, new entities and relationships to enrich the graphs. Ontotext’s most popular product is GraphDB(TM) – a semantic graph database engine. The Ontotext Platform extends it with text analysis, semantic tagging, search, classification and discovery capabilities. Learn more about Ontotext.

Late 2020 Ontotext and Synaptica announced their collaboration to speed up the development of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs.

Straits KnowledgeStraits Knowledge is a global consulting and research firm focused on knowledge, learning and innovation. Founded in 2002 Straits Knowledge brings over 50 years of professional experience in information and knowledge management, and strategic change initiatives.

Knowledge Management and Knowledge Organization Services: Synaptica’s partnership with Straits Knowledge and integration with Straits Knowledge Digital’s Aithin software gives our clients a full-suite solution grounded in decades of expertise and thought leadership in knowledge management and knowledge organization.

Patrick Lambe, Principal Consultant of Straits Knowledge, is author of the best-selling Organizing Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organizational Effectiveness (Chandos 2007), and co-author with Nick Milton of The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook (Kogan Page 2016). His next book with Chandos will be on Knowledge Audits and Knowledge Mapping. Straits Knowledge work swith clients in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States. Learn more: Straits Knowledge

Search Explained

Search Explained helps organizations of all sizes leverage modern information architecture & search strategies to harness the full value of their collective knowledge. Offering a full-spectrum of consulting engagements, training programs, and hands-on workshops, Search Explained assists organizations in architecting precisely the right technology and people empowerment programs they need to ensure everyone can swiftly and securely access the knowledge they need, for every task-at-hand and every business-critical decision. Search Explained and Synaptica have developed a solution SharePoint Connector tool which works with Synaptica KMS. Learn more: Search Explained

Factor Firm logo

Factor is an information architecture and human experience consultancy. With proven techniques and expert guidance, Factor help customers gain control over the information layer to move a business forward. Starting with an objective, evidence-based assessment, Factor use to create a roadmap that details the capabilities organizations need to manage information at enterprise scale. On this solid foundation, Factor create modelsthe taxonomies, architectures, and governance that provide your customers, staff, and management with smarter, better-integrated information experiences. Learn more about Factor