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Stanford University’s computer science department is offering free classes on Knowledge Graphs. These are available to the public (via Zoom meeting). You can sign up by emailing this address (you will subsequently receive a link to join the online class).

Stanford is also making recordings of the class available via the class website. Recordings were initially going to be available only to Stanford students, but it seems that widespread demand changed this policy.

Bob Kasenchak and Ahren Lehnert are taking part and sharing their thoughts through a series of short blogs.

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Stanford University Knowledge Graphs Course

KMWorld Top 100 companies that Matter in KM

KMWorld have selected Synaptica in 2020 for the annual list of Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. Synaptica have been selected for our work in text analytics enabling enterprises to analyze content collections, extract named entities, and perform precision inline concept indexing and categorization. Enterprise taxonomy management becomes simple and efficient.

“Knowledge management software and services providers are embracing a fresh wave of technological innovation to address heightened expectations—among both customers and employees—for the right information to be delivered to the right people at the right time, said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher at KMWorld. “To showcase organizations that are advancing their products and capabilities to meet changing requirements, KMWorld created the annual list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management.”

Synaptica have been selected for this list consistently since 2012.

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Synaptica News Highlights | Autumn 2019

In the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter we take a close look at our commitments at TBCL19 and KMWorld, workshops on knowledge graphs, keynotes on SharePoint and a review of recent blogs from the Synaptica team.

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Synaptica Newsletter

Synaptica KMS software named as a Trend Setting Product 2019

Synaptica KMS has been included in the final list as a Trend Setting Product for 2019. This is our seventh appearance on the list.

“We’re excited to announce the KMWorld list of Trend-Setting Products of 2019,” remarked Thomas Hogan, Group Publisher at KMWorld.”Across a broad range of industries, the focus for both new and enhanced products is to improve the outcomes of processes, decisions, and interactions.

This list seeks to highlight products that are advancing what is possible in knowledge management through both radical innovation and continuous evolution.”

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KMWorld Trend setting Products 2019


Semiotics of Knowledge Graphs: Fixing Meaning in an Unfixed World


Bob Kasenchak took part in IAC20 as part of their online programme. Bob discussed why Knowledge Graphs are hot in the information world right now; with articles from this fairly esoteric space in the information industry show up in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, something is clearly afoot. Why is this? How do Knowledge Graphs purport to help us (and, apparently, large corporations) make sense of things.

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Discovery for SharePoint Webinar

Search Explained and Synaptica held a joint webinar on Discovery for SharePoint. Synaptica and Search Explained explained their breakthrough solution to extend SharePoint Taxonomy through

  • taxonomy-rich search, browse and tagging experience
  • custom built UI and taxonomy management features
  • exclusive Q&A session with the teams at Search Explained and Synaptica

This session was hosted by the Discovery for SharePoint team, Agnes Molnar, Search Explained, Jim Sweeney and Dave Clarke, Synaptica. Video presentation from the Webinar is now available to view.

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Webinar Discovery for SharePoint

TBCL19 & KMWorld

KMWorld and its co-located events Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, Office 365 Symposium, and Text Analytics Forum, took place in November in Washington D.C. Dave Clarke and Agnes Molnar, Search Explained gave the keynote on Discovery for SharePoint. Taxonomy Boot Camp took place in London during October. Presentations from both events are available to download.

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TBCL19 KMWorld

Webinar | Unify Your Enterprise: Leveraging Taxonomies for Real-Time Digital Insights

Synaptica and Factor are always happy to offer examples and case studies of our approaches in action. Because of our commitment to helping others learn, we recent hosted a free webinar in September on the power of leveraging taxonmies.

This session was be presented by Gary Carlson, Factor and Ahren E. Lehnert, Synaptica.

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Factor Synaptica Webinar