Synaptica LLC is your end-to-end solution partner. Our mission is to help you organize, categorize and discover the knowledge in your enterprise. We offer a range of products to assist with every aspect of enterprise taxonomy and ontology management, text analytics, auto-classification, linked data, and natural language processing (NLP).

Enterprise Taxonomy Management

Learn more about our flagship product Synaptica KMS for enterprise taxonomy management.

Synaptica Graphite

Synaptica Graphite is a powerful tool that simplifies the creation and management of enterprise Linked Data.


Discovery for SharePoint harnesses the power of feature-rich taxonomies, thesauri for content tagging and search within SharePoint.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics uses natural language processing to identify and extract concepts and named entities found inside enterprise content.

Enterprise Taxonomy Management

Enterprise Taxonomy provies the foundation for building smart search and discovery applications. Taxonomy bridges the gap between the language people use for search and browse, and the language found in documents. Synaptica KMS is an award-winning, robust and highly scalable enterprise taxonomy management system.

Ontology Management

Graphite is Synaptica’s newest offering in taxonomy and ontology tools, built using graph-database technology and W3C Linked Data standards. Graphite has a highly intuitive new visual editing interface and supports OWL class/subclass ontology construction and inferencing. It allows for complex knowledge organisation schemes to be designed quickly and easily by adopting and re-using third party ontologies and terminologies.

Categorization and Text Analytics

Synaptica’s Text Analytics Platform is fully integratd with Synaptica’s enterprise taxonomy management system. TAP’s innovative design tackles common pain-points. Our TAP solutions identify content types and document sections to add context to important concepts. Synaptica has simplified text analytics without sacrificing the complex and powerful functionality required for the development of text analytics applications.

World Class Solutions

Synaptica is your end-to-end solution partner. Our mission is tohelp you organize, categorize and discovr teh knowledge in your enterprise. We provide a broad range of complementary professional services. Our solution team includes an international network of independent thought-leaders with expertise in knowledge management, information architecture, UX, taxonomy, ontology and Linked Data, metadata, text analytics, categorization, natural language processing, chatbots, SharePoint and search.

We listen carefully to the individual needs of every client, and then utilize industry standards to design systems that are optimized for each client’s specific business applications and use-cases.