Synaptica IMS

The Synaptica Indexing Management System (IMS) is an add-on suite of tools available to connect to the Synaptica KMS taxonomy management system. IMS is designed to support the human indexing (aka “tagging”) of content using taxonomies and other controlled vocabularies managed in the KMS application.

IMS can be integrated with any web-based content or document management system (CMS / DMS) and allows a content manager or content indexer to search and browse vocabularies in Synaptica KMS and build a “pick list” of indexing terms (aka “tags”) relevant to the content.

When the indexer has identified tags for a piece of content, the IMS system will submit them as metadata back to the Content / Document Management System in which the content is held. Indexer selected terms may also be automatically expanded based on relationships held in the taxonomy. In this way, additional metadata, such as mapped or parent terms, may also be submitted.

The IMS Profile Manager allows the option to capture details about the content (such as title, author, publication dates, etc.) and send them to Synaptica KMS, along with the tagging terms, to build a “posting” record as a new term in a designated vocabulary. This creates an additional summary instance of the indexed content and its metadata.

Like Synaptica KMS, IMS has sophisticated user and permission controls allowing for multiple IMS profiles to be created for different indexer groups. Depending on to which profile a user is assigned, IMS will filter which vocabularies or term subsets are available to them to submit for indexing. Profile settings may also so things such as determine whether “Candidate” status terms may be utilized for tagging and whether term expansion should occur.

Synaptica IMS provides a simple to use interface that allows indexers to manually find and select terms available in the controlled vocabularies managed in the KMS application and that are already being utilized across the enterprise.