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Events Programme 2018

The Synaptica Team are currently planning our full events programme and speaking commitments for 2018.

NetIKX Making true connections in a complex world: new technologies to link facts, concepts and data

January 25, 2018 London. Dave Clarke our CEO will be one of the keynote speakers: Building Rich Search and Discovery User Experiences with Linked Open Data. This presentation will demonstrate how to leverage Linked Open Data for search and discovery applications. For further information on this see the NetIKX website:

Presentations, talks and events planned for 2018 include:

Taxonomy BootCamp London 2018
October 16-17 Olympia, London
Synaptica will return as Diamond Sponsor for TBCL18

KM World 2018
November 5-8 2018 J W Marriott Hotel, Washington DC
The Knowledge Management & Enterprise Solutions Conference.
Synaptica will return as Diamond Sponsor of KM World, Taxonomy Bootcamp and Text Analytics Forum for 2018.


Talks & Webinars

Gene Loh – Data Modeling with Graph Databases

David Clarke – Design & Build of Semantic Applications with Linked Data

Other recent events include

Global Knowledge Management Congress
June 23rd 2016 Mumbai, India
• Recipient of the Leadership in Knowledge Management Award
• Presentation: Knowledge Organization and Discovery, by Yu Gene Loh

Innovations in Knowledge Organization
July 23rd 2016 Singapore
• Event organizer and speaker at the Taxonomy Case Study Café
• Presentation: Using a Taxonomy Management System to Achieve Distributed Governance in a Global Enterprise, by Dave Clarke

Dublin Core 2016 Metadata Summit
October 13-16th Copenhagen, Denmark
• Presentation by Dave Clarke

Museum Conference Network
November 1–4th – New Orleans
• Sponsor, Exhibitor
• Presentation: Beyond Cataloguing – Creating educational resources based on deep image semantic indexing, by Dave Clarke (Synaptica), Marianne Weldon (Bryn Mawr College), Robb Detlefs (Gallery Systems)