Synaptica solutions are used by organizations and industries around the world to solve some of the most demanding information access and knowledge management applications. Synaptica has over two decades of proven past performance supporting global corporations, government agencies and public institutions, including many extremely high-scale and complex knowledge organization systems.

Defense & Intelligence

Defence & Intelligence

Retrieval of accurate and complete information is mission critical in national and international security and defense applications.

Synaptica is the collaborative platform used to manage a large number of controlled vocabularies in the defense and intelligence community.

Medical & Scientific

Medical & Scientific

Product R&D can be accelerated through better access to corporate expertise and knowledge.

Synaptica is being used by clients in the scientific, medical and pharmaceutical industries to develop technical, scientific and product terminologies.

e-Commerce & Retail


Taxonomies sell products. They are the signage of an online store and the way to ensure you are talking the language of your customers.

Synaptica is being used to drive some of the world’s largest online yellow-pages websites and retail services.

Media & Publishing

Media & Publishing

Metadata is one of the most important ways to add value to online media and publications and achieve product differentiation in the market.

Synaptica is used by some of the largest publishing and media companies as the platform to develop the taxonomies and other metadata that are used to tag content.

Corporate & Legal

Corporate & Legal

Regulatory compliance and risk management require corporations to have fast and accurate recall of relevant company information.

Several of the largest international accountancy and professional services firms use Synaptica to catalog and organize their critical business information assets.

Library & Academic

Library & Academic

Modern libraries are embracing the best methods from traditional library science and emerging trends such as social bookmarking and tagging.

Synaptica is being used by academic and public libraries to develop user-friendly navigation taxonomies that can cross-walk to traditional library vocabularies such as Library of Congress Subject Headings and the Dewey Decimal Classification system.

“Modern practical applied ontology is not only proving whether something is real or not but being able to describe its existence and how it relates to other things. It’s not enough to say a human is real. A human has dimensions, we interact with other humans, animals, environment, or computers.”

Renoir Pope