The Synaptica team regularly attend a diverse range of events, talks and seminars including Dublin Core, KMWorld, Washington and Taxonomy Boot Camp, London. The team also attend events organized by SLA, ISKO, NetIKX, CILIP. A selection of our event activity can be found below including recent presentations, talks, and digests.

Dublin Core Conference, Porto, Portugal

DCMI Annual International Conference

September 10 -13, 2018 – Porto, Portugal. LOD-KOS: A Framework for Private Enterprise Data as well as Public Open Data Linked Data and IIIF: Dave Clarke gave a special presentation as part of the conference programme. The presentation is available here. Further information and the full programme is available via the DCMI Conference website.

Dublin Core

Making true connections in a complex world: new technologies to link facts, concepts and data

NetIKX, London January 2018
At this meeting new approaches to Linked Data and Graph Technology were presented and discussed. Dion Lindsay introduced the New Graph Technology of Information and our CEO David Clarke discussed Building Rich Search and Discovery User Experiences with Linked Open Data. A report will be available from the NetIKX blog shortly. Visit the NetIKX website  for further information on this organisation.

KM World 2017

KM World 2017

KMWorld 2017 took place 6-9 November in Washington D.C. Below are shortcut links to download our presentations from the Info Today website:

Text Analytics for Non-Experts
Dave Clarke

Linked Data In Action: Using Linked Data to improve your information
Jim Sweeney

The Saviour Machine: Text Analytics, Machine Learning, and the Role of Taxonomy
Ahren Lehnert

Auto Categorization by Taxonomy: Pros, Cons & Pragmatics
Dave Clarke


Taxonomy Boot Camp London 2017

A few shortcut links to download our presentations from our talks at this event:

Jump-starting your Taxonomy Project
Dave Clarke

Applications for Semantics
Jim Sweeney

Making sense of unstructured and large data sets
Ahren E Lehnert

Other event presentations and highlights include:

PNC Annual Conference and Joint Meetings
November 7-9, 2017 – Tainin, Taiwan. Linked Data and IIIF: Integrating Taxonomy Management with Image Annotation given by Gene Loh, Synaptica LLC. Further information is available via the PNC website.