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The Synaptica team recently published our Guide to Developing Enterprise Ontologies, Taxonomies,and Knowledge Graphs. The Guide covers Governance, Development and how to transition from taxonomies to ontologies.

The Guide also includes Ontotext 10 step method to creating Knowledge Graphs.

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Synaptica Learning Center

Our YouTube Channel shares learning videos and talks from the Synaptica team. Recent videos include an introduction to Graphite and a selection of “how to” instruction videos.

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Stanford University | Knowledge Graphs

Stanford University’s computer science department recently offered free classes on Knowledge Graphs. Stanford have also made recordings of the classes available via the class website. Bob Kasenchak and Ahren Lehnert are taking part and sharing their thoughts through a series of short blogs.

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Top 100 Checklist

Synaptica has been providing software solutions to customers for 25 years. Updated for 2020 our popular Top 100 Checklist for Taxonomy Management Software includes the most frequently requested features, one of our resources to help identify your taxonomy and ontology needs

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The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook

Patrick Lambe, Straits Knowledge and Nick Milton have published the 2nd edition of the The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook. The book has been fully updated for ISO 30401:2018. The Knowledge Manager’s Handbook takes you step by step through the processes needed to define and embed an effective knowledge management framework within your organization.

The way an organization manages and disseminates its knowledge is key to informed business decision-making, effectiveness and competitive edge. Because knowledge management is not a one-size-fits-all method, you need a framework tailored to your organization and its priorities. The Synaptica team highly recommend this book and we plan to interview both Patrick and Nick about guide in the future.

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The KM Handbook

The Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classifications is a database of Knowledge Organization Systems, developed at the University Library of Basel, Switzerland. Its main goal is to list as many Knowledge Organization Systems as possible at one place in order to achieve greater visibility, highlight their features, make them searchable and comparable, and foster knowledge sharing.

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Q&A with Dave Clarke | Jinfo

Dave Clarke, CEO, Synaptica was recently interviewed by Jinfo. The article gives Jinfo’s subscribers across corporate and special information centres around the world a good overview of Synaptica, our corporate mission and key products. Jinfo also elicited views on text analytics and AI, taxonomy and ontologies.

Jinfo provides subscription content for leaders in information strategy, resources and tools. Find out more about Jinfo and their subscription service by visiting their website or booking a walkthrough.

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Jinfo Q&A

Taxonomy Practitioners Survey Results

The final results of the 2018 Taxonomers Practitioners Survey are available to download. The survey was shared via the Information Today conference websites for both Taxonomy Boot Camp London and Taxonomy Boot Camp Washington D.C. during late 2018.

The aim of the survey was to find out how taxonomy practitioners build and maintain taxonomies, how they use these taxonomies to categorize content and enhance search. The survey also asked the 53 respondents to describe which emerging technologies are impacting their enterprises. The survey is curated by Synaptica. If you have questions or feedback please contact the team.

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Taming Taxonomy Terrors

Online Searcher Magazine recently ran a feature article on Taming Taxonomy Terrors by Senior Manager Ahren E. Lehnert. The article provides insights on starting a taxonomy project. Read the article.