Categorization & Text Analytics

Synaptica’s Text Analytics Platform (TAP) is fully integrated with Synaptica’s enterprise taxonomy management system. TAP’s innovative design tackles common pain-points:

  • Compress the learning curve through simple user interfaces that help taxonomists become fluent in categorization without having to use esoteric syntax.
  • categorization rules are fully transparent and easily editable. The no-black-box principle helps users understand how auto-categorization works and to refine indexing rules.
  • Integrate systems and synchronize the taxonomy management and categorization processes.
  • The no-silo approach reduces complexity and improves productivity.
Synaptica TAPs

Dive deeper

Dive deeper into unstructured content with text analytics solutions. Synaptica’s guiding principle is simplicity of use while delivering complex and advanced functionality for the development of text analytics applications. At Synaptica, we believe complexity doesn’t have to be complex.

Taxonomy-based text analytics

Synaptica’s Text Analytics solutions start with your enterprise taxonomy. Text analytics use your organization’s vocabularies to automatically apply metadata to corporate content for knowledge management.

Categorization rules

Synaptica’s Text Analytics solutions focus on the automatic generation of categorization rules based on the relationships between terms in your taxonomy, allowing for a pre-defined context for important concepts.

Document sections

Our text analytics solutions identify content types and document sections to add context to important concepts.

Text Analytics & Auto-Classification

Text Analytics

About the Synaptica-GATE Partnership

Through a close working partnership with Sheffield University – including training, certification, and joint development and integration projects – we deliver and support an integrated solution of Synaptica and GATE tools.

Taxonomy management and text analytics systems benefit from tight integration. New concepts extracted from content can feed into vocabularies and vocabulary concepts can be used to index content. An ecosystem of known, controlled vocabulary terms and newly discovered, previously unknown concepts create a balance between stable and dynamic content subjects.

Synaptica-GATE Text Analytics & Auto-Classification

Synaptica provides best-in-class systems for centralizing and managing enterprise taxonomies. Our adherence to data portability standards and our flexible APIs support a modular and heterogeneous IT ecosystem. APIs enable easy integration with most third-party software tools used for text analytics, auto-classification, content management, and search. In partnership with Sheffield University’s Computer Science Department, we deliver fully integrated solutions and technical support combining Synaptica’s taxonomy management system with the University’s GATE, an extensive suite of open source text analytics and auto-classification tools.