Synaptica produces enterprise software solutions that will help you: build and manage taxonomies, ontologies, and crosswalks; design and deploy knowledge organization systems; annotate, index and enrich content; and optimize search, navigation and discovery.


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Check out our new taxonomy software buyers guide, which contains Synaptica’s Top 100 user requested features arranged by ten common taxonomy management tasks.

Taxonomy Buyers Guide - Top 100 Features

Synaptica is on the road in 2016 visiting Philadelphia, Mumbai, Singapore, London, New Orleans and Washington DC. Visit our Communities page to see our current calendar of speaking engagements.



IKO - Innovations in Knowledge Organisation

IKO – Singapore – July 20-22, 2016.
Synaptica is co-organiser of IKO 2016: an exciting conference that explores Innovations in Knowledge Organisation and knowledge management. Last year’s inaugural event attracted an international audience and included talks and panels on a diverse range of topics including: taxonomies and taskonomies; Linked Data; knowledge graphs and graph databases; and the Internet of Things. More…


Taxonomy Boot Camp – London – October 18th and 19th, 2016
We are proud to announce we are a Diamond Sponsor of the first Taxonomy Boot Camp to be held in London! Synaptica will be exhibiting in the showcase gallery and Dave Clarke will offer a presentation entitled, “How to fast-track taxonomy projects using linked data.” For more information please see:



Knowledge Management World – Washington DC – November 14 – 17, 2016
Once again this year, Synaptica is a Diamond Sponsor of the KM World and Taxonomy Boot Camp in Washington DC. Synaptica will be exhibiting in the showcase gallery. Dave Clarke will be providing the keynote presentation: “Thinking and Searching Outside of the Box,” as well as providing a presentation on Linked Data. Jim Sweeney, Product Manager, will also present. More…


Dave Clarke’s Keynote at KMWorld 2015
A video of Dave Clarke’s Keynote address has been released by Information today. Click here: for a presentation about how to use taxonomy to help with every aspect of search, browse and discovery.

OASIS Deep Image Indexing

Introducing OASIS from Synaptica.
OASIS is an Open Annotation Semantic Indexing System based on Linked Data.  OASIS supports taxonomy management and Deep Image Indexing on an RDF graph database. More…

Synaptica CEO Dave Clarke

Synaptica CEO Dave Clarke’s “View from the Top”.
In the March 2015 edition of KMWorld Magazine, Synaptica CEO Dave Clarke discusses taxonomy, Linked Data and what success will look like in the information age of tomorrow:  “Any organization can start tapping into a wealth of structured knowledge currently available as Linked Open Data. Organizations that fail to embrace the Linked Data opportunity may struggle to keep up with those who do.” More…

KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management Award

Synaptica: Awarded KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.
Speaking of the companies selected for the award, Mr. Hugh McKellar, KMWorld Editor-in-Chief, said: “They all share a fundamental motivation to innovatively meet and anticipate the widely diverse needs of customers with robust solutions to meet evolving customer requirements challenges.” More…

LODLAM - Linked Open Data in Libraries and Museums

Synaptica Launches the ‘Open Data Prize’ at LODLAM 2015
Synaptica was delighted to support the 2015 LODLAM Summit in Sydney by launching the ‘Open Data Prize’ as part of the LODLAM Challenge. The prize was available to participants of LODLAM who are working to make cultural heritage material openly available using Linked Open Data. This year’s prize was awarded to the PoliMedia project. More…

Synaptica – Practical Solutions for Knowledge Organization Tasks

Task Solution
Taxonomies improve retrieval and the accuracy of search, they clarify context, support navigation and promote knowledge discovery. Synaptica KMS is an award-winning taxonomy software tool that is feature-rich, standards-based and enterprise-scalable.
Crosswalks map together the language of different user communities and content repositories, enabling unified access across information silos. Synaptica AutoMatch is an automatic crosswalk tool that compares any two taxonomies and suggests mapping relationships between concepts.
Linked Data transforms content so that it becomes comprehensible to machine queries and reasoning.  It allows diverse content sources to be combined in novel ways. OASIS from Synaptica is a new suite of tools for building Linked Data vocabularies and ontologies in an RDF graph database.
Multilingual taxonomies break down language barriers and extend your reach to a global audience. Synaptica is a Multilingual application that supports both ISO language equivalency mapping and SKOS concepts with language labels.
Visualization helps users rapidly to understand the scope of a knowledge domain and the connections between concepts. Synaptica Visualization tools provide a wide range of formats for visualizing taxonomies as area charts, hierarchical pathways and radial graphs.
Semantic Annotation is the process of attaching taxonomy concepts to content.  Annotation helps content become more discoverable and connected. OASIS Deep Image Indexing is an innovative new tool that allows high-definition images to be semantically annotated.  It enables search and navigation inside visual content.


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