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Taxonomy and Ontology management powered by a graph database

Explore Graphite

Quickly design, build and manage

Intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface and workflow.

Simplify systems integrations

Adopt open industry standard models and data interchange formats.

Build smarter search and discovery

Leverage logical dependencies defined by properties, predicates and classes.

Create KOS schemes

Use public domain ontology plug-and-play predicates and classes.

Introduction to Graphite

Graphite is a powerful tool for quickly designing, building, and managing KOS using an intuitive graphical user interface. Based on Linked Data and Semantic Web standards and utilizing native RDF concept modeling.

Powered by a graph database, Graphite offers speed and flexibility.

Powered by Ontotext Text Analytics

Graphite Knowledge Studio

Automate semantic tagging and auto-categorization of enterprise content.

Graphite Knowledge Studio enables taxonomists and content managers to automate the tagging and categorization of enterprise content.

Download the Graphite Knowledge Studio Brochure

Blogs and News

Building Semantic Knowledge Organization Systems with Graphite and GraphDB

| Graphite, Knowledge Management, Ontology, Products | No Comments
This is an abbreviated version a presentation from the Ontotext and Partners Knowledge Graph Forum 2021 titled “Semantic Knowledge Organization Systems” by Dave Clarke, CEO at Synaptica.When people talk about…

A Concept By Any Other Name

| Controlled Vocabularies, Ontology, Taxonomy, Taxonomy Management | No Comments
Concept Names Language is inherently ambiguous. The dream to create universally agreed-upon, standardized conceptual language will be extremely difficult. We can achieve widely-accepted consensus, but that’s the silent agreement we…

Semantic Trends in 2022 (and Beyond)

| Ontology, Taxonomy, Taxonomy Management | No Comments
Looking Forward I have blogged before about trends in taxonomies and ontologies, particularly based on observations from KMWorld and Taxonomy Boot Camp (in 2017, 2019, and 2020), Taxonomy Boot Camp…

Folksonomies, Crowdsourcing, and User Tagging

| Knowledge Graphs, Ontology, Taxonomy Management | No Comments
Ask Who? Taxonomies do not build themselves. Constructing any controlled vocabulary requires, at minimum, input from end users, subject matter experts, and a taxonomist. End users and subject matter experts can provide concepts and their attributes for inclusion…

Roundtable Series

The Business Value of Knowledge Organization Systems

Bob Kasenchak, Patrick Lambe and Stephanie Lemieux join Ahren Lehnert to discuss why organizations should develop their knowledge organization capabilities and what it takes to build and sustain them.

Session 1: Why do we need Knowledge Organization Capabilities? This event took place in March 2022.

Session 2: How do we Build Capabilities in Knowledge Organization Systems?

Session 3: What does it take to Sustain and Reap Value from our Capabilities in Knowledge Organization Systems?

This three part series is intended to foster participant engagement and input. Participants will engage through surveys, breakout room discussions, and question-and-answer chat.

These events are hosted by Dovecot Studio, Factor, Straits Knowledge and Synaptica.

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The Synaptica Guide to Developing Enterprise Ontologies, Taxonomies, and Knowledge Graphs

This 2nd Edition covers Governance, Collaboration and includes new sections on Controlled Vocabularies.

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Asking questions and listening carefully to understand each client’s strategic objectives.

Enhancing User Experience

Working to improve internal and external users’ experiences based on real-world use cases.

Proven Strategies

Providing solutions based on W3C, ISO, and ANSI/NISO industry standards and best practices.

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Partnering with clients to establish long-term relationships to help meet evolving needs.

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