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Ontology management powered by a graph database

Explore Graphite

Quickly design, build and manage

Intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface and workflow.

Simplify systems integrations

Adopt open industry standard models and data interchange formats.

Build smarter search and discovery

Leverage logical dependencies defined by properties, predicates and classes.

Create KOS schemes

Use public domain ontology plug-and-play predicates and classes.

Introduction to Graphite

Graphite is a powerful tool for quickly designing, building, and managing KOS using an intuitive graphical user interface. Based on Linked Data and Semantic Web standards and utilizing native RDF concept modeling.

Powered by a graph database, Graphite offers speed and flexibility.

Blogs and News

On Polyhierarchy

| Taxonomy, Taxonomy Management | No Comments
Definition  In taxonomy, a polyhierarchy refers to any hierarchical structure that allows a term to have multiple parents. (The opposite concept, monohierarchy, is used to describe taxonomies that do not allow polyhierarchy.)  Polyhierarchy does not apply…

Taxonomies from A/B

| Ontology, Taxonomy, Taxonomy Management | No Comments
Comparing A to B While recently discussing taxonomy versioning with a few of our clients, they cited A/B testing as one of their use cases for creating taxonomy versions. In addition to creating point-in-time versions of…

On Granularity

| Categorization, Taxonomy | No Comments
In taxonomy, granularity refers to the number of terms describing a concept and its sub-concepts. This rubric can apply to an entire vocabulary or some subset. In short, the question…

On Disambiguation

| Taxonomy, Taxonomy Management | No Comments
I am not a fan. A taxonomist working on any taxonomy of sufficient size and scope will encounter disambiguation issues. This occurs when the label for a term isn’t clear…
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Ontology for Knowledge Graphs


In this webinar Ahren Lehnert and Bob Kasenchak explained our methodology for designing ontologies for use in enterprise knowledge graph deployments.

Ahren and Bob discussed modeling ontologies to bring together in-place data and content from internal and external sources using W3C standard Linked Data principles as the basis for a knowledge graph.

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