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Synaptica provides enterprise taxonomy and ontology management software tools and professional services.

Our mission is to help you organize, categorize, and discover the knowledge in your enterprise.



Stanford Knowledge Graph Course Not-Quite-Live-Blog 9

| knowledge graphs, Semantic Technology, Stanford University | No Comments
Bob Kasenchak and Ahren Lehnert, Synaptica The second-to-last session in this series was entitled High-value use cases of knowledge graphs and featured useful talks by speakers from Intuit, JPMorgan Chase,…

Visualizing Ontologies

| Graphite, Ontologies, Ontology | No Comments
Visualization I’ve been thinking quite a bit about visualization lately. At Synaptica, we’ve been doing internal visualization development on our Graphite product. I also recently attended the Information Architecture Conference…

Stanford Knowledge Graph Course Not-Quite-Live-Blog 8

| knowledge graphs, Stanford University, Use Cases | No Comments
Bob Kasenchak and Ahren Lehnert, Synatpica The theme of last week’s class in the ongoing free-to-attend Stanford Knowledge Graph course was “What is the role of knowledge graphs in machine…

Stanford Knowledge Graph Course Not-Quite-Live-Blog 7

| knowledge graphs, Semantic Technology, Stanford University | No Comments
Bob Kasenchak and Ahren Lehnert, Synaptica The latest installment of the Stanford class on Knowledge Graphs was entitled “What are some of the knowledge graph engines prevalent in the industry…
Discovery for SharePoint

Synaptica and Search Explained have developed a breakthrough solution to extend SharePoint Taxonomy. Learn how to transform your SharePoint experience through feature-rich taxonomies and thesauri.

Explore Discovery for SharePoint
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Enterprise Taxonomy provides the foundation for building smart search and discovery applications.
Synaptica KMS is an award-winning, robust and highly scalable enterprise taxonomy management system.
Crosswalks map together the language of different user communities and content repositories, enabling unified access across information silos.
Synaptica AutoMatch is an automatic crosswalk tool that compares any two taxonomies and suggests mapping relationships between concepts.
Linked Data transforms content so that it becomes comprehensible to machine queries and reasoning. It allows diverse content sources to be combined in novel ways.
Linked Data is a powerful new industry standard data model for designing and building Knowledge Organization Systems. Synaptica Graphite is a powerful tool that simplifies the creation and management of enterprise Linked Data.
Multilingual taxonomies break down language barriers and extend your reach to a global audience.
Synaptica is a Multilingual application that supports both ISO language equivalency mapping and SKOS concepts with language labels.
Visualization helps users rapidly to understand the scope of a knowledge domain and the connections between concepts.
Synaptica Visualization tools provide a wide range of formats for visualizing taxonomies as area charts, hierarchical pathways and radial graphs.
Semantic Annotation is the process of attaching taxonomy concepts to content. Annotation helps content become more discoverable and connected.
Synaptica provides innovative new tools that allow high-definition images as well as traditional text content to be semantically annotated, enabling search and navigation inside content.

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