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August 15, 2019 in Categorization, knowledge graphs, Knowledge Management

Naming the Edges, or: Why Knowledge Graphs? Part 1

Taxonomy is easy. You have a list of concepts and you put this under that. Often, even if not completely explicit, the reason for putting this “under” that is intuitive:…
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July 22, 2019 in Information Management, Ontologies, Taxonomy

The Source of the Source

The Information Ecosystem I like to think of information systems as ecosystems in which technology, people, and processes interact in a (hopefully) symbiotic relationship. In such an ecosystem, information is…
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July 8, 2019 in Case Studies, Graphite, Knowledge Management, Use Cases

Synaptica Insights | Bob Kasenchak

Bob Kasenchak joins the Synaptica team as the Senior Manager for Client Solutions. For this Insights interview, we found out more about Bob's experiences, his views on the future of…
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June 28, 2019 in Graphite, Knowledge Organization, Ontologies, Ontology, Products

Graphite 2.0

Graphite KOS 2.0 What’s more exciting than fixing bugs in a pending software release? Releasing the software (and, hopefully, releasing it bug free)! Coming soon is Graphite 2.0, the same…
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Synaptica Graphite. Taxonomy & Ontology Management on a Linked Data Graph Database. These schemes help us to understand how concepts, people, places, products, processes and organizations all related to one another.



Synaptica KMS. Taxonomy Management on a Relational Database. Taxonomy, Ontology and Linked Data Management Systems. We use indisutry standard data models to centralize and standarize the terminology.



Synaptica TAP. Text Analytics & Auto-Categorization. Categorization enables an enterprise to retrieve, sort and rank content based on what it is about. Taxonomy builds a bridge between the language people use to search and browse and the language found in documents.



Natural Language Query & Semantic Search. Help people retrieve a complete and accurate information. We work with search teams and information architects to design and deliver semantic search.

Synaptica LLC

Enterprise Taxonomy provides the foundation for building smart search and discovery applications.
Synaptica KMS is an award-winning, robust and highly scalable enterprise taxonomy management system.
Crosswalks map together the language of different user communities and content repositories, enabling unified access across information silos.
Synaptica AutoMatch is an automatic crosswalk tool that compares any two taxonomies and suggests mapping relationships between concepts.
Linked Data transforms content so that it becomes comprehensible to machine queries and reasoning. It allows diverse content sources to be combined in novel ways.
Linked Data is a powerful new industry standard data model for designing and building Knowledge Organization Systems. Synaptica Graphite is a powerful tool that simplifies the creation and management of enterprise Linked Data.
Multilingual taxonomies break down language barriers and extend your reach to a global audience.
Synaptica is a Multilingual application that supports both ISO language equivalency mapping and SKOS concepts with language labels.
Visualization helps users rapidly to understand the scope of a knowledge domain and the connections between concepts.
Synaptica Visualization tools provide a wide range of formats for visualizing taxonomies as area charts, hierarchical pathways and radial graphs.
Semantic Annotation is the process of attaching taxonomy concepts to content. Annotation helps content become more discoverable and connected.
Synaptica provides innovative new tools that allow high-definition images as well as traditional text content to be semantically annotated, enabling search and navigation inside content.

Synaptica Insights is our popular use case interviews sharing stories, news and learning from our customers, partners, influencers and colleagues.