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Taxonomy, Ontology, and Knowledge Graph Software and Solutions

Synaptica has been helping people to organize, categorize and discover enterprise knowledge for over 25 years.


Taxonomy and Ontology management powered by a graph database

Explore Graphite

Design, build and manage with speed

Intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface and workflow.

Simplify systems integrations

Adopt open industry standard models and data interchange formats.

Build smarter search and discovery

Leverage logical dependencies defined by properties, predicates and classes.

Create KOS schemes

Use public domain ontology plug-and-play predicates and classes.

Introduction to Graphite

Graphite is a powerful tool for quickly designing, building, and managing KOS using an intuitive graphical user interface. Based on Linked Data and Semantic Web standards and utilizing native RDF concept modeling.

Powered by a graph database, Graphite offers speed and flexibility.


Graphite Knowledge Studio

Automate semantic tagging and auto-categorization of enterprise content.

Graphite Knowledge Studio enables taxonomists and content managers to automate the tagging and categorization of enterprise content.

Powered by Ontotext Text Analytics

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Download The Synaptica Guide

The Synaptica Guide to Developing Enterprise Ontologies, Taxonomies, and Knowledge Graphs

This 3rd Edition covers Taxonomy Roles and an expanded section on Controlled Vocabularies.

Download the expanded edition

Professional Services

A broad range of services to complement our award-winning enterprise software

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Understanding Goals

Asking questions and listening carefully to understand each client’s strategic objectives.

Enhancing User Experience

Working to improve internal and external users’ experiences based on real-world use cases.

Proven Strategies

Providing solutions based on W3C, ISO, and ANSI/NISO industry standards and best practices.

Maintaining Relationships

Partnering with clients to establish long-term relationships to help meet evolving needs.

Blogs and News

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Insights Interview | Sarah Downs

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Sarah Downs joined the Synaptica team as Director of Client Solutions earlier this year. For this Insights interview, we found out more about Sarah's experiences, being a client of Synaptica…

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