Ontology Management

Synaptica Graphite is a powerful tool that simplifies the creation and management of enterprise Linked Data. Graphite utilizes native RDF concept modeling, powered by a graph database, offering speed and flexibility in the creation and management of various types of controlled vocabularies. Key benefits include

  • Reduce costs and speed up project deliverables by reusing a vast and rapidly growing library of public domain property vocabularies (ontologies) and value vocabularies (taxonomies).
  • Build smarter search and discovery applications by leveraging the logical dependencies defined by properties, predicates and classes.
  • Simplify systems integrations by adopting open industry standard models and portable data interchange formats.
Ontology Management Synaptica Graphite

Synaptica Graphite

  • Graphical UI and workflow
  • Curate enterprise and public domain ontology predicates and classes
  • Quickly design KOS schemes using plug-and-play predicates and classes.
  • Create and manage taxonomies and other Linked Data KOS schemes with drag-and-drop ease of use.
  • Powered by a scalable graph database combined with fast search indexes
Graphite Synaptica KOS

I had access to the Graphite software tool to use as part of my research. It’s a very high-end system, incredibly feature rich.

Dr David Haynes