Ontology Management – Graphite

Synaptica’s Graphite is a powerful tool for creating and curating Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS). Graphite is based on Linked Data and Semantic Web standards and utilizes native RDF concept modeling. Powered by a graph database, Graphite offers speed and flexibility in the creation and management of various types of controlled vocabularies.

Synaptica Graphite

Quickly design, build, and manage

enterprise Knowledge Organization Systems using an intuitive drag-and-drop graphical user interface and workflow

Reduce costs and speed up

project deliverables by reusing a vast and rapidly growing library of public domain property vocabularies (ontologies) and value vocabularies (taxonomies)

Simplify systems integrations

by adopting open industry standard models and portable data interchange formats

Create KOS schemes

using public domain ontology plug-and-play predicates and classes

Build smarter search and discovery

applications by leveraging the logical dependencies defined by properties, predicates and classes

Scale with a powerful

graph database combined with fast search indexes

New in Graphite KOS v2.0

Graphite v2.0 is the same modern graphical interface for managing vocabularies with new features extending what can be done with knowledge models.  New features include:

  • The ability to import and handle OWL classes, individuals, rdf:type, and resource types
  • The import of namespaces and predicates
  • Scheme and concept replication
  • Scheme and Template folders
  • Property filtering and relationship creation though typeahead selection
  • Property Paths to map Property values from Concepts to others held in related Concepts
Synaptica Graphite

Ontology is key to Knowledge Graphs, but you only really get a Knowledge Graph when you link out to external data. Graphite is perfectly positioned to do that.

Ian Davis, SGS