Ontology Management

Introducing Graphite from Synaptica®, our latest offering for taxonomy and ontology management software. Graphite is a sister product to our traditional taxonomy management software, Synaptica KMS.

It offers new technologies under the hood and a brand new, cutting-edge interface for our users. Graphite utilizes native RDF concept modeling, and is powered by a graph database, offering tremendous speed and flexibility in the creation and management of various types of controlled vocabularies.

Graphite from Synaptica®

  • Offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editorial user interface
  • Supports simple SKOS taxonomies and configurable custom KOS
  • Supports OWL-based class-subclass ontologies and predicates
  • Supports multilingual terminologies and a localisable UI help system
  • Like Synaptica, it supports import and export in a variety of data formats
  • Has role-based permissions and project-oriented workspaces
  • Uses a native RDF triple store and supports
  • Is powered by a scalable graph database combined with fast search indexes

We look forward to showing you this new application. Please contact the Synaptica team to schedule your demonstration.